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September 24, 2009

So, I made it through Friday and woke up Saturday feeling really good--still a little high, I think from all the excitement. We started off the morning with a class in psychometry, i.e., holding an object belonging to another and reading off that energy. The object needs to be something you've worn for a long time if possible. I partnered with a different person and although I did pretty well in this one in the first psychic seminar I took, this reading was a complete bust. All I could get was that she was out of balance between her solar plexus chakra and her third eye. Maybe that's all she needed to know or why I couldn't get a clear reading. She seemed to get lots of stuff, but I still haven't connected with anything she got. No real "hits" on this day. We broke for lunch and were supposed to go meditate in one of the many vortex areas around Sedona.

Gwen and I decided to go together and we were planning to go to Boynton Canyon but the weather was really clouding up with thunder an...

September 22, 2009

OK, a little about my personal experiences at the seminar. We all have some level of psychic ability if we chose to use it so this is a good way to find out where your personal talents lie. I'm always intimidated when I go because I think I'm not going to be as good as everyone else or that I will make an idiot of myself--no comments please! Richard is so Zen that he sees your bullsh_t immediately and doesn't hesitate to call you out on it, albeit gently and with humor. I've been there before with him so I knew I needed to be my authentic self here. The first session on Friday morning was telepathy. He uses hypnotherapy to take us down and open us up to receiving. We chose a partner that we didn't know previously--not difficult for me as I didn't know anyone. I received images of a room and when we finished and talked I had actually seen her bedroom. You rarely get the details down perfectly, but if you get enough "hits" you know you were successful. She got some pretty good details ab...

September 21, 2009

Wow, I just spent a fantastic weekend in Sedona at a Richard Sutphen Psychic Seminar. I attended my first of these seminars about 15 years ago and jumped on the chance to see how my abilities had changed or improved and what changes Richard has made to these seminars. I also took his hypnotherapy training and have been practicing past life regressions and reprogramming for several years. Not only is the setting beautiful in Sedona, but the energy is outrageous with all the vortexes in the area. The seminar was held at a beautiful center a little ways up Schnebly Road with a beautiful view of the area.

I have been reading Richard's books, watching his video seminars, using his regression cd's and listening to his tapes for many years and have probably learned more about myself and how to "be" in this world from him than from anyone else. His approach to life from a Zen perspective has taught me how to discern what's my "stuff" from everyone elses "stuff" and how to change how I react t...

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