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March 18, 2016

Our planet is at war.  The Light is warring with the Dark and we are caught in the middle of it.  The Light workers are here to help us all raise the vibration on this planet before it gets so low that all must be destroyed. The Dark energies are working just as hard to take the vibration even lower. I had an experience last week that brought this square into my awareness. 

Russell and I went to an Sonora Desert Anthropology Field School last week in Ajo.  We did many interesting field trips, but the one that affected me was to the basket weavers of Tohono O’odham. 

As we stepped into the weaving space for the prayer song from one of the People, my attention was drawn strongly to the grandmother sitting in the back. I felt the need to be near her and the prayer song touched me in my heart center.  We were to choose a table to learn one of the processes of basket weaving and I went straight to the table where the grandmother was to teach.  I could not take my eyes off her....

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