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February 2, 2019

The last few years before my Mom passed were not very nice.  She was addicted to pain meds for 9 collapsed vertebrae and it changed her personality dramatically.  My brother, sister and I could only deal with her mood swings, anger and frustration at not havin the life she wanted by telling ourselves that this wan't Mom, just her body sitting there.  Basically, we lost Mom about 10 years before she actually passed.  We all stuggled with anger and grief and worried that Dad would pass before she did.  We all knew we wouldn't be able to deal with her.  It was a sad, sad situation.  

About 4 months after Mom died, I went to an intuitive massage therpist for my monthy physical therapy and as I was lying on the table I heard the wicker chair in the corner of the room creaking.  I knew it was Mom!  So the therapist came in and I told him she was with us, but, of course, he already knew.  

Near the end of the massage, he led me through a heart meditation...

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