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My Personal Seminar Experiences

OK, a little about my personal experiences at the seminar. We all have some level of psychic ability if we chose to use it so this is a good way to find out where your personal talents lie. I'm always intimidated when I go because I think I'm not going to be as good as everyone else or that I will make an idiot of myself--no comments please! Richard is so Zen that he sees your bullsh_t immediately and doesn't hesitate to call you out on it, albeit gently and with humor. I've been there before with him so I knew I needed to be my authentic self here. The first session on Friday morning was telepathy. He uses hypnotherapy to take us down and open us up to receiving. We chose a partner that we didn't know previously--not difficult for me as I didn't know anyone. I received images of a room and when we finished and talked I had actually seen her bedroom. You rarely get the details down perfectly, but if you get enough "hits" you know you were successful. She got some pretty good details about my house and patio area. So that felt like a pretty good start. I connected with this partner very well so we went to lunch together and ended up spending lots of time together. Gwen's friendship made the weekend very enjoyable. She has the unique ability to receive messages from those who have passed so we had some very interesting conversations. In the afternoon session we practiced automatic writing. I have had about 3 times when I was meditating and was told to go to the computer and write. I knew I wasn't doing automatic writing because it was as if someone was dictating to me. Richard explained that this is intuitive writing and could develop into automatic writing if practiced enough. So we talked a little about famous automatic writers and began the session. He guided us through the meditation with extra protection from any negative energies as we were going to request help from the other side. We were instructed to ask for help from a passed loved one or perhaps one of those famous writers who have passed so I asked for help from Ruth Montgomery. I figured "why not ask for help from one of the best?" I was pleased to receive a brief message from her saying that she and her consortium of entities on the other side were always available to channel information if we only asked. They cannot help us if we don't ask. Then an English man, Leo, told me he was also there to help whenever I needed it. The other writings I have done were personal messages of encouragement and reassurance that I am on the right path and to stop questioning myself. This time was more of the same. I am told to stop asking the same tired old questions and just get on with it! And so, here I am writing this. I will try to practice the intuitive writing more, but my focus right now is on this missive. I'm usually very quiet and shy in these types of seminars and was this day as well, but I did manage to gather enough courage to read what I had gotten. Richard is so encouraging that he makes you feel that you actually do have psychic abilities. And I have to keep reminding myself that everyone else is there wondering about their abilities as well--or they wouldn't be there. I had scheduled a private hypnotherapy session with Richard after the Friday classes and was very nervous. He's really good! He can get you down further in a regression and to places you never thought you'd go. I knew this would be powerful for me, but I didn't know exactly what I wanted to accomplish. We just talked for almost the first hour with Richard taking notes until we whittled my thoughts down to some specific areas I wanted to get answers about. I have been told in a couple of psychic readings that I was going to write a book and have always resisted that thought but decided maybe it was time to see if that was really something I should pursue or not. After talking about knowing the minute I met Russell that I would be with him the rest of my life, we also decided to regress back to a life together that is influencing our life now. Then we would go into Higher Self and ask my guides and masters and other people I loved who have passed to help me with the writing question. I said to Richard that I felt as if I was standing on the "Edge", which I enjoy, but it was time to step off into the unknown. So I settled in and the adventure began. I've been listening to Richard’s hypnosis for so long that I go down really fast as soon as he starts talking so I was a gonner right away. He first regressed me back to a previous life with Russell. I was a young woman about 17 when I first became aware of myself. As we went forward in time I became aware that I was now married to a man I didn't love, Russell in this life, and was hiding from him behind buildings in the town. It was sometime in the 1800's in the Midwest. My family had agreed to let me marry this older man because he was very prominent in the town and it gave them prestige to have their daughter married to him. I was thrilled in the beginning, but the marriage deteriorated as I got older and became rebellious. I was very pretty and he had married me wanting a trophy wife and I wasn't cooperating. He was violent and I was very afraid as well as contemptuous of him. I knew I couldn't go home as my parents would just take me back to him. It was too far to walk to another town so I was trapped. As we went forward in time I was back living with him, but my life was one of resignation. We had no real relationship, no children, and I was very unhappy. As the years passed, my husband aged and became ill and I took control everything and was respected by the towns people. I was never really happy and lorded my youth and health over him until he died. I died a lonely, but respected woman. We were certainly destined to spend another lifetime together to sort this relationship out. Evidently we both have learned a lot and 39 years later, in spite of some rocky times, have managed to get it right this time. When Richard guided me up into Higher Self to meet with my guides I was once again encouraged to write although it doesn't have to be a book. I'm getting the message! Evidently, my experiences may help someone else who is searching for their path to God. If they help only one person then it is worth it. In Higher Self, we touched with lifetimes with my daughters. My older daughter, Jana, and I were sisters in the Middle Ages in Europe. I was a healer using herbs and potions and she did whatever necessary to feed us, foraging and even stealing. We were considered witches so had to live hiding in the forest constantly moving or we would be killed. People came to us in secret for healing and brought us chickens or vegetable as payment. We lived in huts built of branches, but were happy even though life was hard. (This is a persistent theme in most of my past lives--healer/teacher, persecution, death.) The life with my younger daughter, Jennifer, was as friends working in a healing temple in Atlantis. I saw us standing before tall quartz crystals that we were using to send sound for healing. The energy of Edgar Cayce was the master teacher in this temple although I didn't receive teaching from him directly. There were other rooms that used color through crystals for healing. It was a beautiful and peaceful place to work. The last question of the session from me was whether my daughters would make the energy shift of 2012--energetically, not physically. I just know they'll survive whatever is coming. One will struggle and the other will flow with the higher vibration. Richard asked if I wanted to go into the future and I agreed. I saw absolute global chaos and confusion energetically. I saw a mini-ice age crawling down from the north and many climatic catastrophes. I knew that this was Mother Nature at work cleansing the planet as she does periodically. Life will be difficult although not much different. Terrorism will diminish as those areas of the world struggle in their own way. Those of us who are working to raise our soul vibration will try desperately to help as many as possible, but there will not be enough of us and chaos will reign for quite a while. Those aligned with an organized religion, any of them, will not understand what has happened and struggle the most. It will take time for the Christ/Buddha Consciousness to be recognized and accepted in its simplicity. There will be many years of hardship and confusion before our consciousness raises and we move into peace and prosperity, but it will happen. Not such a pleasant ending to session, but I was given the message that there is always hope. We could diminish the chaos and confusion if we chose to, but it's not likely at this time. Not impossible, just not likely unless we make some global energetic changes. Even though I was a little bummed by this last bit, the session was highly beneficial for me. I left feeling energized, reassured, and ready for a good night's sleep before the Saturday classes.

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