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Sutphen Seminar Sunday


Whoops! Spent two weeks with my parents and didn't have any time to sit down and write anything. And now that I'm home I finally found my notes and I had left out one of the sessions on Friday. The session was telepathy in a little different way. Richard and Bliss Wood, a yoga teacher, chose at random three symbols to focus on one at a time. We were then to try and receive them telepathically. As always, we went into meditation and before he had even picked up the first symbol I was receiving a triangle with two circles underneath. It turns out the symbol was a triangle with a circle in the middle. I missed the second symbol, but picked up on another that was in the stack. I kept seeing music instruments on the third symbol and Bliss was using images of a music session to mentally describe that symbol. So that was three hits on that session even though I wasn't getting the actual symbol being selected. Not bad! So, Sunday morning Gwen and I went out to Bell Rock bright and early--0800. We debated going to Cathedral Rock, but decided we really didn't have that much time so found a nice spot about 1/3 of the way up Bell rock and settled in. I didn't have any unusual experiences, nor did Gwen mention anything, but it was a very nice meditation. We set out some crystals we had purchased on the shopping afternoon to cleanse and energize them with Bell Rock energy during our meditation and then spent a few moments programming them for our energy. Then we hot-footed it back to the center to hear of everyone elses experiences. We weren't the only ones to wimp out because of the weather, but many did hike Boynton Canyon in the rain. I might also had I been with Richard for protection! AnnMarie Touchette, a spiritual medium, had taken many pictures on other occasions and brought those and some she had taken Saturday to show us. Wow, her pics were full of spheres and ET faces around Bell and Cathedral Rocks. Truly amazing. Gwen and I took a few pics, too, and actually found some of the same light spheres on our and some interesting lights coming down into Gwen's crown chakra. We spent the rest of the morning talking about the 2012 shift. Richard has done thousands of regressions where people have actually gone into the future and talked about this phenomenon. Almost everyone has the same impressions of chaos and devastation, but with a positive outcome in the end. One person asked if we weren't setting ourselves up for this negative energy by talking about it. I agree wholeheartedly with Richards answer: we can't stick our heads in the sand and pretend nothing is happening. We are seeing the natural disasters now that are a part of Mother Nature's plan. We are not causing this level of damage as it's Her way of cleansing the earth and it happens every time the earth's axis shifts, which ours is due to do. As God has given us free will, we do have an opportunity to change the energy we are creating. I saw something very frightening, but it only makes me want to work harder to help others find their own spirituality and change their vibrations to a higher level. You can't change what you won't acknowledge. Any of you reading this are already on your path to that change. At the risk of repeating myself--again!--meditate, pray, meditate. We came back early from lunch and settled down to a past life regression practice session. I was really sleepy so didn't really "do" the regression, but then I've done many so didn't need to practice. I let myself zone out so I would be more alert for the "real" one. Richard led us through a Back to the Cause regression. I wanted to investigate why I cannot seem to get rid of this constant sinus problem. I was taken to a life as an Amarya Indian boy in Peru. My father and grandfather were both shamans, healers, but I didn't want to follow this path. But I did want to get high on the herbs they sniffed so I sneaked around and stole them. After a few years I was addicted and my nose and sinuses were in a terrible state. I died young from this addiction. I realized that this was one of the lives where I resisted my soul path of healer/teacher out of fear. So many other past lives ended in brutal death because I was practicing in cultures where I wasn't allowed because I was a female or that it was feared as witchcraft. (Took me a few years to get past those fears in this life.) As I encounter these lives I can release their effect on me in this life. I still have to do something in this life to heal the sinus issue, but I also was reassured that I am on the right remedy now but it's going to take a while since this problem has been going on for many lifetimes. We did a remote viewing session next, but that was a bust for me. I called the person I was trying to view, but she wasn't doing anything I saw. Have to work on that in another life I guess. I mentioned Bliss Wood, yoga teacher, before and she led us through the next session of ChantDance. She played different kinds of music and led us through some flowing body motions until we were doing our own thing. It felt so wonderful to be free to move without feeling silly. It built up the energy for the last part of the seminar, the healing circle. We formed two circles holding hands with those who felt they needed a healing in the center circle. Between the music and Richard leading us the energy was flowing fast and furiously around the circle. We weren't doing anything but moving side to side and chanting, but you could feel the energy building until it was like a brilliant white light flowing up and out of all of us. Our hands were sweating from the heat of it. I can't imagine how anyone in the center circle wouldn't have had some kind of healing. Richard had brought a young couple to film the seminar and I was asked to give an interview at the end of the session. At first the old fears arose and I said no. But after thinking about it I decided "why not?". Why would what I have to say be any less valuable than anyone elses? So I stood before the camera and answered the questions. It felt pretty good.

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