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So here we are in Anto, just about 8 Americans working in the company, trying to "do" a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. It is, of course, all about getting together with family and friends and giving thanks for all God's blessings, but there is the food. Yum! So I'm going out today to scavenge the grocery stores for a turkey. We've already given up on pumpkin pie since the Americans cooking aren't equipped yet to actually cook. We'll find some pre-made dessert in the store that will pass for apple pie, maybe. I don't expect to find a turkey, maybe turkey breast, but there's always chicken in a pinch. I'll look for cranberry sauce, but have no expectations of finding it so I won't be disappointed. The Chilean wife of an American is making mashed potatoes after I shot down pasta salad. Pasta salad has never been a staple on our Thanksgiving table. I think sweet potatoes are out of season now so no casserole. Dressing is a cinch, just crumbled bread, celery, onion, etc. Thank goodness I brought my spices so there's poultry seasoning to add. Another wife is making some semblance of green bean casserole. A green salad always goes well. So it won't look exactly like your traditional Thanksgiving spread, but I'm sure we'll still eat too much. Got the computer hooked up to the TV to watch football so the guys will feel like its turkey day. It's always a challenge to observe our traditional American holidays in a foreign country, but never impossible. It is all about being together, anyway. We're having Pisco Sours, for heaven's sake. How bad can it be!

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