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Ah well, we had a great Thanksgiving dinner. All the food was excellent, in spite of me nearly burning the turkey in an oven that overheats by over 50 degrees. Our Chilean wife made mashed potatoes for the first time and they were perfect. Our other American wife brought green beans and the bachelors brought beer, wine, and Hagen Daaz vanilla ice cream for the store bought apple kuchen. The ice cream had been thawed and frozen a few times, but we ate it without complaining. The guys watched American football while we girls chatted and everyone had a good time. It was nice to have a good meal, but even nicer to share it with friends, especially when we're so far away from family. That's what it's all about, right?

So the holiday is over for us here--no Friday off or Black Friday shopping. I spent the day here at the house waiting for household purchases to be delivered. Had the usual glitches--wrong refrigerator delivered, some stuff not delivered. Left the house for the hotel about 1900hrs completely brain dead.

Back to the house on Saturday to wait for more deliveries. No joy! We spent the day putting things together and organizing as much as we could until 1900hrs and then went back to the hotel. Got a call about 2000hrs from a store trying to deliver. Normal for them, but not for me. Try me again on Monday, please.

We moved out of the hotel on Sunday morning and spent another day of unpacking, searching, and organizing. It was so good to sleep in our own bed in our own house with my cat curled up beside me. But we've got to get blackout curtains soon as the streetlight shines right into the bedroom. I use eye shades to sleep, but Russell finally hung a bath towel up over the window so he could sleep.

Life is good.

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