June 2, 2010

I had the most amazing experience this morning while meditating.  I have been doing a system called The Healing Codes ( two months now that is supposed to get to the core of any health, emotional, or other issue causing problems.  It is based on quantum physics and all that.  I decided about a week ago to combine that with a humming meditation I do off and on.  The humming meditation itself is very relaxing and healing and I wanted to augment the Codes with a little chakra work.  So I’ve been humming along.  It’s very simple: I just start humming in as low a tone as I can and pay attention to where I feel a slight vibration in my body.  The tone will move up the scale by itself as needed to a higher tone settling on the chakra that needs attention or perhaps just moving up every few minutes until I have hummed through all the energy centers.  Sometimes the tone and vibration will settle in one energy center for the whole time I am meditating. 

Anyway, yesterday I watched a DVD called “The Om” and decided to switch from humming to sounding Om, still focusing on the chakras.  I had been sounding for about 20 minutes and the focus was on one particular chakra center as with the humming, when I felt that I should stop.  I knew I wasn’t finished meditating so just stayed there.  I began to feel a strange sensation around my left eye and my breath was extremely quiet and shallow.  As I kept my awareness on the sensation in my eye I began to feel as if my whole body was filling with light energy.  I felt expanded and filled with white light and the light extended out into my aura for what seemed like a foot or more.  I struggled to not question what was happening and just be in the moment.  I had heard others speak of being blissed-out, but had never had it happen to me until this morning.  I felt as if I was part of everything and loved beyond description.  There are no words to explain that feeling, that complete unconditional love, that bliss.  I was smiling so big.  My whole body felt light and airy.  I knew I was being given a wonderful gift—absolute complete and unconditional love from a Higher Power.  I had to continually remind myself to stay in the moment and stop analyzing the whole experience.  I stayed there for about 15 minutes more until it began to dissipate.  It was the most amazing feeling I have ever had.   I knew intellectually the power of the mantra Om, but experienced it today.  Every cell in my body and mind keeps saying “Do it again!  Do it again!”, but I understand that these gifts do not come on demand.  I hope to have this experience again, but will not strive for it.  It will come when I need it most. 

When I did the Healing Code today I felt such a lightness and relief so I am sure that I have had an energy shift in my cells to heal the issue I have been working on.  I feel that the Healing Codes have slowly worked through my underlying issues and the meditation today just topped things off.  I may have gotten to this same place without the Om meditation, but I like to use all the tools at my disposal.

We are energy/vibration.  We are one with all energy/vibration.  All dis-ease is a disruption of cellular energy/vibration.  If we learn how to bring the vibration back into harmony the dis-ease will be healed. 

Om Namaste.  Shanti.


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