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About Johanna

​I have had a wonderful life full of travel and adventure. I grew up in a loving family moving frequently with my military father. I married too young, divorced and eventually married my life mate.  

I have two loving daughters and four fantastic grandchildren.  I've had the privilege to live in England, Spain, Peru, Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, and Zambia learning to be patient and accepting of other cultures. 


I began my spiritual quest at the young age of 16 when I realized that traditional religion wasn't fulfilling my needs. In my mid-30's I read "Out on a Limb" by Shirley Maclaine and knew I had found the key to what I was looking for in her words. Her insights led me on a spiritual adventure.  


Over the years I've read hundreds of books on metaphysics, spirituality, religion, ancient aliens and much more.  I've trained as a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist, achieved Reiki 3 Master, had basic Vortex Card Body Alignment training, become certified in Past Life Regression Hypnosis, and Level 1 & 2 Matrix Energetics training.  I've practiced the above and taught yoga, meditation and water aerobics to bring physical health and spiritual healing wherever I've lived in the world. 


I offer from my heart a lifetime of experience to assist you in finding your purpose and joy in life.ॐ


The Divine Light within me acknowledges the Divine Light within you.
We are one within the Light

My Story

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