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February 2, 2019

The last few years before my Mom passed were not very nice.  She was addicted to pain meds for 9 collapsed vertebrae and it changed her personality dramatically.  My brother, sister and I could only deal with her mood swings, anger and frustration at not havin the life she wanted by telling ourselves that this wan't Mom, just her body sitting there.  Basically, we lost Mom about 10 years before she actually passed.  We all stuggled with anger and grief and worried that Dad would pass before she did.  We all knew we wouldn't be able to deal with her.  It was a sad, sad situation.  

About 4 months after Mom died, I went to an intuitive massage therpist for my monthy physical therapy and as I was lying on the table I heard the wicker chair in the corner of the room creaking.  I knew it was Mom!  So the therapist came in and I told him she was with us, but, of course, he already knew.  

Near the end of the massage, he led me through a heart meditation...

January 28, 2019

This happened in 2015 when Jana and I were in Florida with my Dad just before he died.  We spent one afternoon with Cheryl, my sister-in-law, and she told us about something feeling funny in their office/closet.  We went in and were just talking about the things she buys at auction that her sons are sure bring in spirits.  I noticed she had a crystal pendulum hanging on an L-shaped hanger on the wall and commented that she could use the pendulum to clear spirits from her things.  Later that afternoon we returned and Pep told us that when he went into the office the pendulum flew off the hanger (impossible as it had to be lifted up and off) and hit him in the arm.  He ran out and didn't go back in.  So Jana, Cheryl and I went to see what happened.  The pendulum was seperated into three pieces, the o-ring at the top, the chain was off the o-ring, and the crystal was off the chain.  So that sure 'nough got my attention!   Something was not happy.  I began to check in with my "people" to s...

January 28, 2019

Suffice it to say...I had a quite a journey since I left Calama in 2000.  So, I'm going to give the nutshell version!

We came back to the US and took a two month trip in an old motorhome we bought. We visited old friends from the Air Force days, Peru, and family as well as sighseeing. We traveled through the south, to Tennessee, Florida, up to Maine,  across the northern states, and down the California coast.  I will have to admit that two months was about two weeks too long, but we had a wonderful time seeing parts of the US we had not visited before.  

Back in Arizona, we lived for a year in an efficiency apartment next door to our friends Patty and Troy Riley in Scottsdale.  Russell was taking a management course and I got hired as a bi-lingual teacher's aide with a friend of Patty's.  Loved the aide position and learned that I do not want to teach and loved spending so much time with Patty but was very ready to move back to Tucson.

Jana had bought a condo and Russell wa...

March 18, 2016

Our planet is at war.  The Light is warring with the Dark and we are caught in the middle of it.  The Light workers are here to help us all raise the vibration on this planet before it gets so low that all must be destroyed. The Dark energies are working just as hard to take the vibration even lower. I had an experience last week that brought this square into my awareness. 

Russell and I went to an Sonora Desert Anthropology Field School last week in Ajo.  We did many interesting field trips, but the one that affected me was to the basket weavers of Tohono O’odham. 

As we stepped into the weaving space for the prayer song from one of the People, my attention was drawn strongly to the grandmother sitting in the back. I felt the need to be near her and the prayer song touched me in my heart center.  We were to choose a table to learn one of the processes of basket weaving and I went straight to the table where the grandmother was to teach.  I could not take my eyes off her....

February 23, 2014

23 Feb 2014

I watched an episode of The Haunting Of…, like I have watched many others, with the medium Kim Russo and a famous band member.  When younger he visited his cousin in Alamogordo, NM, and had an experience during one night.  The details aren’t too important and didn’t affect me until the end.  He saw an Apache Indian looking at him through the bedroom window and then another charging to attach him with a knife right after.  At the end of the program he and Kim went outside to make an offering of tobacco to release the spirit energy.  As that was being shown, I started crying and wailing for almost 15 minutes.  As I cried, I was asking why this was affecting me so much.  I began to get impressions and heard my wailing as more of Indian wailing.  Then I saw myself as an old medicine woman, named Wanaka, sitting on the outside of my cave looking down into a small valley at my empty village.  I was one of very few left after the massacres by the US Army.  I was so distraught that...

February 21, 2014

During a guided meditation I saw myself laying across a large rock in Africa.  All around me were cobras on the ground at the bottom of the rock.  My first reaction was to be terrified, but then came the sensation that they were there to protect me.  Strange, but my phobia of snakes has diminished quite a bit.  I don’t hyperventilate when I think of snakes or see pictures.  Still have a healthy respect for all snakes, but not the paralyzing fear.

April 15, 2013

I awoke from a dream that I had been receiving 12 downloads.  I received 6 of them and then was made to wake up because I was being overloaded and needed a rest.  I saw symbols for each download, but didn’t get a clear picture of them.

March 23, 2013

Past Life Experience 


1211 AD England

I was a young woman of middle class, very pretty, blond hair and a healer.  I had become something of a celebrity.

I rode through town on a white donkey.   

I was stabbed in the left shoulder just above the shoulder blade with a large knife and died.

The person who stabbed me was a man who was jealous of my abilities and popularity.  I knew him and there seemed to be some kind of love connection, but it wasn’t clear exactly how.

Strangely, when Russell was getting out of the Air Force and I was so stressed, I experienced a serious muscle spasm in that same spot on my body.

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