My Life So Far


This happened in 2015 when Jana and I were in Florida with my Dad just before he died. We spent one afternoon with Cheryl, my sister-in-law, and she told us about something feeling funny in their office/closet. We went in and were just talking about the things she buys at auction that her sons are sure bring in spirits. I noticed she had a crystal pendulum hanging on an L-shaped hanger on the wall and commented that she could use the pendulum to clear spirits from her things. Later that afternoon we returned and Pep told us that when he went into the office the pendulum flew off the hanger (impossible as it had to be lifted up and off) and hit him in the arm. He ran out and didn't go ba

Catching up on "my life"

Suffice it to say...I had a quite a journey since I left Calama in 2000. So, I'm going to give the nutshell version! We came back to the US and took a two month trip in an old motorhome we bought. We visited old friends from the Air Force days, Peru, and family as well as sighseeing. We traveled through the south, to Tennessee, Florida, up to Maine, across the northern states, and down the California coast. I will have to admit that two months was about two weeks too long, but we had a wonderful time seeing parts of the US we had not visited before. Back in Arizona, we lived for a year in an efficiency apartment next door to our friends Patty and Troy Riley in Scottsdale. Russell was tak

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