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The only way to achieve true happiness and peacefulness is to accept that we are responsible for creating our own reality. It's hard!!! But it's worth it. Let God in by letting go of your fears and expectations. I highly recommend Richard's book "Radical Spirituality". How To Practice Radical Spirituality In my book “Radical Spirituality” I end the volume with 69 reminders (note the yin/yang symbology and circle of energy in the number) that summarizes our spiritual evolutionary path: 1. Your earthly purpose is to cast away your fear-based emotions. Doing so creates an “absence,” leaving only your God-self to interact with the world. 2. Everything you think, say and do creates karma. And


PERU, THE FIRST YEARS So there I was in Ilo, Peru. Happy as a pig in a mud hole. Russell had a great job, the girls loved the company school, and I began to relax. There were ladies who played bridge, which I love, and some who ran every morning, and even a few doing a little yoga once a week. I woke up in the morning, stood at the front door looking out at the Pacific Ocean with my coffee and couldn't believe my good luck. Within a few weeks, I started joining the ladies practicing yoga and began running with another group. I knew I still needed to learn how to relax, but my body was finally beginning to let go of my fears, I thought. The yoga we did was basic and I enjoyed it each w


So Russell has decided to quit the military because he doesn't want to fly a desk. I was scared to death--out of my mind with fear! I had never NOT been associated with the comfort zone of the military and the thought of being a civilian, living with civilians was way out of my realm of reality. I really thought civilians were different somehow and I wouldn't fit in. At the same time I had been diagnosed with glaucoma and was scared to death of that as well because my mother had already lost some of her vision because of it. So my life was pretty much coming apart as I saw it. I developed a muscle spasm in the back of my left shoulder and went to the flight surgeon for adjustments. He

HUMAN POTENTIAL: The Cause of Suffering II

We learn fastest through pain. It’s what karma is all about. If you were to get punched in the nose every time you walk through a yellow door, eventually (if you have any sense) you'll learn to stop walking through yellow doors. If you burn your finger every time you touch a hot stove, eventually you'll learn to stop touching hot stoves. If you make yourself miserable for years (or lifetimes) when other people don't live up to your expectations, eventually you'll learn that it's your expectations -- not other people -- that are making you miserable. When your expectations are in conflict with what is, you resist what is and this causes pain.


THE NEXT 10 YEARS So I guess being a hippie just wasn't in my karma. I could have left my parent's house and done anything I wanted, but I didn't. I continued going to Junior College in Jacksonville and working part-time in a department store. After 2 years of commuting 50 miles 2-4 times a day I decided I needed to move into the city and moved into Mrs. Wolf's Rooming House the week between Christmas and New Years 1969. I had reconnected with a girl I worked with at one of my part-time jobs and she set me up on a blind date for a company New Years party with a guy her husband worked with--Russell, of course. Within 5 minutes of being in the car with him I got one of those gut feelings:

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