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Spiritual Healing Transformation

One Session $60

Buy Series of 3 Sessions and get one free

In a Spiritual Energy Transformation session, we are working within your energy field.  During an energy session, you have invited me to join your field of informational energy and with the assistance of your Guides, Angels and other loving energies, together we access the Source/Matrix/God field of information to access what you need to make changes in your physical, emotional, or spiritual life.


What to Expect

 A session might include chakra balancing and energizing, opening new chakra centers, aura balancing, energy transformation breath work, use of Pineal gland,DNA/528hz, Gaia frequency brain and body tuners,  Pythagorean tuners to balance the brain and nervous system and Lemurian/crystal tuning forks, cell cleansing breathwork to move energy, empathic sensing of potential health issues, clearing old thought patterns, adding beneficial frequencies, recalling past, future or parallel life events, receiving insights relating to your karmic life plan and much more. This is quantum entanglement and quantum energy at it's finest!


The changes may be immediate or take months for your field of information to process and implement, but healing change will happen.  Wouldn't you like to begin changing your life today?


I offer sessions in person or distance healing by request with a picture or by Skype/FaceTime.  I accept cash, credit/debit cards with chips or

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