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Empowered Clients Testimonials


12/21 I've been to many spiritual healers over the years and usually felt great after leaving their sessions. But the good feeling never lasted long. Let me tell you why Johanna was different. At one point in our session she looked me straight in the eye and said, "I'm not going to do this for you. YOU got yourself in this mess, only YOU can get yourself out of it". That's when it dawned on me that all those other sessions with healers didn't last was because I wasn't participating. I was just lying there letting them do their thing. Johanna's session made me feel responsible for my situation. And her message not only registered in my physical body, but all my subtle energy levels as well. So when I did the processes ALL of me was involved. For the 1st time I left feeling responsible for my own healing and that made all the difference. I truly hope this helps you. Mike C.

8/18 Johanna embodies gifts to help us access deeper dimensions of ourselves. I personally have experienced profound transformation as a result of our healing sessions. I highly recommend Johanna to any who seek higher vibrational consciousness as well as anyone at all who feels blocked or that something is not "right." She is a true seer. R Miranda

2/18 I had a session with Johanna yesterday, my second. It was deep, profound, vital, transforming. Johanna holds compassionate space. Go! Krysta

This was my second session with Johanna; my first was when I was visiting Tucson the other when I moved here.  I was so impressed by Johanna's manner, knowledge, experience, and heart.  I felt so very safe working with her.  


I've been dealing with huge shifts and changes in my life and sought Johanna out to work energetically through and with them.  In her skilled hands I'm feeling better able to dance through the rain so to speak. Beth 

This is truly a gift to yourself!! Johanna is extremely tuned in, and experienced. Would recommend this to everyone! Johanna worked on healing and adjusting my energy and it truly had an effect on my life. I seemed to have more physical energy, also, EVERYTHING that I would put my attention on had manifested almost instantly. I can't put enough emphasis on "instantly" ! I didn't quite know what to expect but if this is a taste of what is possible then I want more!! I am definitely going back to see her again. AMAZING!!


This was magnificent, mystical and magical. I was in a place I needed help. I asked for it. This came as a response. And did it ever help! I love being on the Radiant Wise Woman path but recently I was in danger of getting lost off the Pruney Old Lady path. I couldn't shift it myself. The work we did together -- and Johanna would say that I did the work, not her, and I was clearly ready to shift -- but it was the combination of her presence, her skill set, her safe container that allowed me to relax fully and dive deeper transformative work. It was a co-creation. As someone who gives transformational workshops, and has high expectations when I use someone else's services, I can say I feel incredibly blessed to have worked with Johanna. A true gift! Krysta

Since starting to see Johanna, I have made wonderful growth spiritually and energetically. With her guidance, I have had surprising insights that have allowed for growth and emotional healing. I am grateful to have found her. Thank you!  Leslie

When I first saw Johanna I had insight into a relationship that needed to change. With Johanna's conformation I was able to change that relationship, and in the long run that has proven to be very beneficial in my life. The second visit involved a past life regression which had a few moments in the death process. That glimpse filled me with a direct experience of unity. That sense of unity has remained as an undercurrent of my life ever since. 

Yours, Brian

Dear Johanna,I want to do more than "Thank you".  I want to try to express how you have impacted the rest of my life.The life I now have would not be if I didn't know you.My eating habits are the best they have ever been in my entire life.  Not perfect, but better than ever.  Every one of my symptoms has improved, if not completely gone.I am mindful of more than eating.I meditate MOST mornings.I heal myself sometimes.There is much more, but my note paper is running out.  You have been a God send in my life and to my life.Thank you,Love Debby

Dear Johanna,

I just wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoyed the reprogramming hypnotherapy session for self-esteem. I really believe that hypnotherapy works best when the person has an open mind.

Even so, I was surprised by how relaxed I felt during the session. I felt very heavy, almost like I was being pulled into the bed where I was lying. I could easily visualize a peaceful, relaxing place.

After the session was over, I felt fully alert and actually felt rested, as if I had had a nice nap.

In the days that followed, I became aware of something very interesting. Usually, when I make a mistake, I will say, "stupid", or "idiot" under my breath. But now, I can see in my mind's eye, a person holding out their hand and putting a stop to that. Every time a self-critical thought comes into my head, I can tell myself that it's okay and that people make mistakes all of the time. I also find that I don't feel totally inferior to everyone around me all of the time. That has always been a big problem for me. And it helps me, because it makes it easier for me to communicate with others.

I now force myself to think about something good about myself each day, and will continue to think about such things.

Hopefully, some day, I can do it again.


I have known Johanna for a number of years now. She is a deeply compassionate and loving spiritual teacher and gifted healer. I have had various individual sessions with Johanna, both in person as well as via Skype over a distance. Johanna has helped me so much especially during a recent virus attack on my body. During my long recovery period, Johanna worked with me on a weekly basis to explore and heal various issues that impacted my health. The energy work and clearing that Johanna have been doing have been so valuable to me and helped me tremendously on my road to recovery. Thank you Johanna for coming into my life as a teacher and friend, you mean so much to me.



I was introduced to Johanna through a mutual friend.  I was going through a period of deep pain and loss over a relationship and the fear of seperation was so great that I felt I could hardly breath at times.  Johanna helped me to understand that the pain I was feeling in the current situation was also years of fear and had manifested itself in this present situation.  During our sessions Johanna assisted me to release enough to allow my guides and Higher Self to actually do the job in which they are waiting to do but needed my permission to heal me.
Johanna has brought about great blessings of peace in my life and to realize that I have the ability to manifest and live my own power.  We all get stuck in our physical journey, at times and Johanna has been a great asset to give me a reality (spiritual reality) check!- Taunya

Johanna has a great deal of insight in metaphysical matters that can help in mending the spiritual well being.  Her yoga experience also extends to improving the physical well being also.  The philosophical views she employs are somewhat out of the box for the western "civilized man" but are very organic and approachable if you allow yourself to face them with open mind.  This may be just what doctor ordered if you feel stressed out or stuck in the rut. -Ned

My long-distance session with Johanna exceeded my expectations. I thought that she was going to relay messages from the other side. Imagine my surprise when she started to remove negative energies from my body, and I could actually FEEL it! I did get messages too. Unbeknownst to her, it was the same message that all the best psychics and healers have relayed to me, so I know she's tuning in to the cosmic consciousness. She helped to heal my heart, and I am very happy. 


Deep gratitude for Johanna and what she offers. I had an amazing, liberating and healing experience with her.


I loved this session very much. Felt better when I left. Johanna is the epitome of what her name means..."Gracious Gift of God."  
Johanna...just a note to say thank you so very much for the time and love you put into our sessions.  I always leave with joy and hope in my heart.  You are truly a "Light Worker."   Namaste, Joanne


Just wanted to follow up and say that I had a great ride back home​ following my session​. My neck feels improved; driving was not painful as it usually ​tends to be​. And ​much to my delight, I had ​the sensation of joyful ​butterflies ​in my solar plexus as I laughed heartily to a segment on NPRs "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" about a no-shed suit for dogs. 


The treatment went well t​hanks​ so much​​, I'll be back​!    JC

After a second short session:  BTW, the inflammation/pressure in my neck and skull seems to be receding.

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