My Life So Far

Past Life Experience

Past Life Experience Marlize 1211 AD England I was a young woman of middle class, very pretty, blond hair and a healer. I had become something of a celebrity. I rode through town on a white donkey. I was stabbed in the left shoulder just above the shoulder blade with a large knife and died. The person who stabbed me was a man who was jealous of my abilities and popularity. I knew him and there seemed to be some kind of love connection, but it wasn’t clear exactly how. Strangely, when Russell was getting out of the Air Force and I was so stressed, I experienced a serious muscle spasm in that same spot on my body.

When your parents become your children

I find myself in a peculiar place these days. My parents are like dealing with two 5-year olds. Until about 15 years ago my relationship with my mother was one of the best of anyone I know. We have always been friends and I knew my mother loved me and would take care of me. I have always been able to talk to her about anything, no matter how personal or off the wall. And that was true for most of my life, but not for many years now. My Dad and I have always had a very loving relationship and I could also talk to him about anything and that is still pretty much the case. But things are very different now. When my grandmother, her mother, died it was if she then had nowhere to put all he


During my stay in Calama I met my cosmic son. Ruth, a friend and yoga student, kept saying I needed to meet this young man who owns Gimnasio Ki, a gym and yoga studio. She described Claudio as very spiritual and that he sees UFO’s out in the desert. Finally, she took me to his place and the minute I laid eyes on him, I knew in my heart that he was a son of mine from another time and place that I had lost and now found again. He also felt that I was his star mother. We hugged for a long time and both cried. In the years since that meeting, we have not spent much time together, but each meeting is special. I gave him Reiki I,II, and III and he has phenomenal energy for healing. He say


Wow, how could I have let so much time pass since I blogged??? Once again my life took on a life of its own! So, I left off in Tucson realizing that my decisions and my attitude about those decisions were creating turmoil in my life. PYRT had taught me so much about myself and my shortcomings. I needed to focus on my strengths and figure out how to be metaphysical and spiritual while living in the real world. I forgot to mention that when I first got back to Tucson I needed follow-ups on the meditation training and someone recommended a very wise fellow. He had spent many years in the Transcendental Meditation society and had subsequently left. He felt, as I had before learning in Peru,

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