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As I was reading some of the previous posts, I noticed that I left some blank spots about how I developed as a person. I don’t have any traumatic stories to tell so it’s a little confusing to think that I had so little self-esteem after I reached my teens. I just remember bits and pieces, of course, of my very early childhood. I know that I was loved very much and definitely “Daddy’s Girl”. In pictures of me as a small child I was adorable—curly blond hair and a cute smile. Up until about age 10 I felt completely normal and just like every other child. My parents were strict, but didn’t use corporal punishment unless we’d done something really dangerous or lied. My Dad was the one who


Yesterday I started reading “Pleiadian Initiations of Light” and listening to the CD. The information in the book and the meditations resonate with me to my core. As I have an issue with my self esteem in spiritual matters and find it hard to believe I am capable, worthy, or advanced enough to actually be doing healing work, I went on about my day thinking, “we’ll see”. I woke up this morning at 5am, miffed to be awake so early so I decided to relax and repeat the mantra from the first initiation, I Am, and perhaps go back to sleep. As I lay there with my hand over my heart, musing that so many of us feel unworthy, this message came to me: “We are like flowers in the garden of the God So

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