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Yesterday I started reading “Pleiadian Initiations of Light” and listening to the CD. The information in the book and the meditations resonate with me to my core. As I have an issue with my self esteem in spiritual matters and find it hard to believe I am capable, worthy, or advanced enough to actually be doing healing work, I went on about my day thinking, “we’ll see”.

I woke up this morning at 5am, miffed to be awake so early so I decided to relax and repeat the mantra from the first initiation, I Am, and perhaps go back to sleep. As I lay there with my hand over my heart, musing that so many of us feel unworthy, this message came to me:

“We are like flowers in the garden of the God Source. Each seed has the essence of the Source’s divinity. We grow in many different shapes and colors, but all beautiful. The Source doesn’t look down and decide that one flower is more important than another, more beautiful or more useful. The Source sees all the flowers as equal. A rose is beautiful, but has thorns. The thistle stings, but has healing properties. Each has its own unique energy. The flowers live in synergy; some die to nourish others, some are there protect other plants. Some grow close to the earth, some reach tall above the others. But one flower does not wish to be like another. ‘Oh, I wish I was tall and pink like that one over there.’ Each flower knows it is fulfilling its purpose. Some flowers bloom in the spring, others not until autumn, but all bloom when it is their time. All sprout, blossom and die to be reborn again. Roots reach down into Gaia for nourishment and grow toward the sun for energy, just as we are rooted here on Earth, but deeply connected to the Source Energy. From the tiniest blossom growing from a crack in the parched desert of the Atacama to the orchids growing in the jungle of Africa, all are a part of God’s garden, just as we are. All of us blooming when it is our time. Perhaps it is my time now!”

So as I lay there receiving this beautiful message, I wondered if this was coming from Pleiadian angels. I think so. I began to feel this loving energy in every cell of my body. I felt as if I was filled and expanding with Light, the I Am mantra reverberating in my heart. My breath came in huge waves inhaling the truth of this message. I felt my aura expanding beyond any previous size, brilliant beyond belief. My heart felt as if it would explode with all the loving energy. A deep sense of knowing overtook me. I AM.

My guides have asked me many times before why I thought I was unworthy or not self-actualized enough to be doing this healing work. They question, with humor thankfully: Who do you think you are? Why do you question our wisdom? Do you think we would invest this energy in someone we knew wasn’t ready? Who do you think you’re dealing with here?

Today that message finally entered the core of my being. I AM,


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