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During my stay in Calama I met my cosmic son. Ruth, a friend and yoga student, kept saying I needed to meet this young man who owns Gimnasio Ki, a gym and yoga studio. She described Claudio as very spiritual and that he sees UFO’s out in the desert. Finally, she took me to his place and the minute I laid eyes on him, I knew in my heart that he was a son of mine from another time and place that I had lost and now found again. He also felt that I was his star mother. We hugged for a long time and both cried. In the years since that meeting, we have not spent much time together, but each meeting is special. I gave him Reiki I,II, and III and he has phenomenal energy for healing. He says he is a Warrior for the Light and I know he is. When I left Calama I thought our karma was finished, but I had the chance to be with him again in 2008 and the connection is as strong as ever. He introduced me to Melchizidek’s books and the Merkaba. I know that we have had 5 lifetimes together as mother and son on various planets. I know that if I don’t see him in person again in this life, we will be together again in another time and place. We have work to do!

I love you my Cosmic son.

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