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This happened in 2015 when Jana and I were in Florida with my Dad just before he died. We spent one afternoon with Cheryl, my sister-in-law, and she told us about something feeling funny in their office/closet. We went in and were just talking about the things she buys at auction that her sons are sure bring in spirits. I noticed she had a crystal pendulum hanging on an L-shaped hanger on the wall and commented that she could use the pendulum to clear spirits from her things. Later that afternoon we returned and Pep told us that when he went into the office the pendulum flew off the hanger (impossible as it had to be lifted up and off) and hit him in the arm. He ran out and didn't go back in. So Jana, Cheryl and I went to see what happened. The pendulum was seperated into three pieces, the o-ring at the top, the chain was off the o-ring, and the crystal was off the chain. So that sure 'nough got my attention! Something was not happy. I began to check in with my "people" to see if this was something evil or malovent. Thank goodness it wasn't because I'm not sure what I would have done then! It turned out to be a 5 yr old boy who had died on the property years ago. He didn't go through the Light because he was afraid and his mom was still alive. After his mom died he attached to Cheryl and her two boys. What boy wouldn't want to hang out with boys who ride bikes, have animals and lots of property to play on? And Cheryl is so loving as a replacement for his mom. I was even told where to look for his grave under some white flowers and Cheryl knew exactly where I was describing. He had thrown the pendulum down and taken it apart because he didn't want to be "cleaned" away from that family. So, I asked my guides if we could help him cross over and was given permission. We held hands and I talked to the boy about his mom being on the other side of the light and asked if he wanted to go. Of course, he did and we invited Archangel Gabriel to hold his hand as he went through the Light. It was a beautiful moment and we all felt such a lovely feeling of peace. Now, he does continue to come back and check up on them. The whole family sees his shadow self flitting around in the house, but they don't get as freaked out now as they used to!

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