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Sonora Desert Anthropology Field School Experience

Our planet is at war. The Light is warring with the Dark and we are caught in the middle of it. The Light workers are here to help us all raise the vibration on this planet before it gets so low that all must be destroyed. The Dark energies are working just as hard to take the vibration even lower. I had an experience last week that brought this square into my awareness.

Russell and I went to an Sonora Desert Anthropology Field School last week in Ajo. We did many interesting field trips, but the one that affected me was to the basket weavers of Tohono O’odham.

As we stepped into the weaving space for the prayer song from one of the People, my attention was drawn strongly to the grandmother sitting in the back. I felt the need to be near her and the prayer song touched me in my heart center. We were to choose a table to learn one of the processes of basket weaving and I went straight to the table where the grandmother was to teach. I could not take my eyes off her. I thought that maybe we had a connection in another life, but didn’t give it much thought. I moved to the next table to begin learning how to weave the basket. I suddenly began to feel ill; lightheaded, nauseous, unable to concentrate. I thought this was due to the sugar in the muffin I had eaten at breakfast and asked if anyone had any nuts to counter the sugar. I drank water and ate nuts and finally felt a little better and moved on to the last learning table. All the while my eye was drawn back to the grandmother.

As we finished the lessons and lunch and were preparing to leave, I went to the grandmother to say goodbye. I hugged her and asked if she believed in the idea of many lives, reincarnation. She said she hadn’t really thought about it. I told her I know I had been with her in another life long ago, hugged her again and walked away asking my guides what this was all about and to what purpose I was being given this experience. I got into the car and began to cry. I wasn’t feeling a strong sense of connection to the grandmother in this life, but felt heartache. As we rode back to the hotel I continued to question what I was supposed to do with this experience. I got glimpses of this soul with me in Egypt long ago and she was teaching me to weave baskets. We worked for someone important who took care of us because we made such beautiful baskets. I perceived no sense of our relationship other than teacher student.

That night as I was settling into bed I inquired again to be shown in my dreams why I had had this experience. (Be careful what you ask for!) The first two hours in bed were awful. Russell moaned, thrashed, yelled out, and pounded on the bed with both hands. Normally I would have shaken him, but something told me to leave him alone. He finally settled down and I went to sleep. I awoke later from the following dream:

In the dream was a circle maze, the Tohono symbol, and there were eight of us in or around the maze. I was standing outside of the maze on the bottom right. Three of the young men in the field school were inside the circle as warriors. Two of the young women were inside the maze also. One was in a small circle with green light at the bottom right of the maze just above where I was. Russell was at the bottom of the maze and the grandmother was at the top right. I was shown that I was holding the Light energy and Russell was holding the Dark. In his sleep earlier he was being given the choice to hold this Dark energy for this battle and he was resisting. His guides finally convinced him that it had nothing to do with his energy, that we needed someone to “hold” the negative energy and he agreed. Feeling ill earlier in the day was my body realizing the energy of what was to come and needing fortification. The young woman in the green circle was holding with me the healing Light energy in support of the young men and the Nation. The three young men fought with Russell for quite a while but eventually overcame and forced the Dark energy out of the circle. The other young woman was learning to respect the energies of others and her part in this ongoing war. The grandmother was observing all that was occurring with approval.

I rarely remember my dreams so for me to remember so much detail means this dream was important for me. I perceive its message to be that we all have part to play in healing our planet and its people. We all have agreed to be in this play at this time in our Karmic journey. Some are representing the Light and some the Dark in these energy battles. Some battles take place in the physical and some in the energy fields. Regardless of how bleak it may seem to us in our physical, mental and emotional lives, we have the power to overcome. The Darkness cannot survive when the Light is brought in.

Grandmother taught me well. Some baskets hold food and water some hold Light energy. I know she taught me long ago to fill mine with Light.

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