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Shelagh - Automatic Writing Channeled for Me

(Shelagh is a beautiful person I met and grew to love as my Cosmic Sister while in Zambia. She channels the Omega group, trained me in Vortex Card Alignment and taught me so much more.)

Good afternoon my dears. We have waited long for this moment Omega

(White Horse) We can help the soul come through to speak to you. We will help you to connect.

What is this strange feeling? And you feel the pulling as we use the energies in your solar plexus. We bring through spirit here to speak to you today on your ROLE.

Thank you. Your role is the leader and leaders lead from behind. Not for you the fanfare or the glory. Your role is of healer, support, and not of fragile ego. Ego is good for insistent starters, not for the long term. We are with you because of your insistent commitment, not because of your ____ declamation of fame and wisdom. Self proclaimed, you support and give people the solid true foundation which to grow as the tree grows from the seed.

Then we test your devotion and commitment. After there is a moment when the test flares the fire in your soul. That fire is your growth, the rekindling in your blood of the need within you for recognition & acclamation. This is not a bad thing as it supports your growth. Do not push back the urgency. The quickening of the flesh is your rush of spurting blood to the crown.

Many times we see you pause, take stock, and repel the invader, the start of soul within yourself. Who am I to wish for glory? Who are you not to attain glory? It is not merely for yourself. There is no false pride within you, but the acceptance of the perfect and awesome wonderful being that you are becoming with our guidance. This is not you. You are a vessel and a channel of greatness. Those who have used you as their voice and their mouthpiece to those who have need for recognition and for human dignity and realization of their prowess in this life. We all glory in the living. We are through you given the opportunity to live again in no small measure. We need your mouthpiece and your channel to be able to help those who need it.

Many times we see your guilt and your anger at yourself for allowing that guilt to surface. Wherefore guilt? From what authority? Do you feel yourself so unworthy to serve? Why have we chosen so poor a mouthpiece? You are Glorious in your wish to be of service. It is not you, it is not the human, but the divine spark within you that has taken hold of you in those moments and this Divine Spark will not be denied. Who are you to speak against the Divine within? You do not understand the importance we hold you in. You give to many aeons of being who have gone before Diving Sprit and layers of dimensions who are unable to make a mark on those here today.

(To both of us, I think)

We need the likes of you. We have trained you from the start. We are proud of our work. Your radiance is only of wonder to us all. We desire your commitment and your help to our cause. Wellbeing is your birthright. The doctors and the teachers have become drowned in Ego and pride. We help your voices to be heard in no small way ……!

Many would stop our talking. We are in the small minority and many would still our voice. Be strong. This work that you do is not for vainglory and for recognition and yet you are loved and appreciated by all who know you. You have a very strong place. You are REGINA.

The queen of life and spirit talks through your Crown Centre and you birth the new life at your womb or Sacral Centre. You facilitate the being of others. Be of good cheer. We appreciate you and we are proud of you.


Thank you. Know you are right. Now I see my life for that it is. Many times I have wanted to touch you.

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We have need of your services. There is a young soul struggling to survive. We know she is on the brink. Marion is on the verge of becoming a very lost soul. Please help her to be at peace. This time is her time for rediscovery of the life within and not the life without. The inner life and strength will help her survive and conquer now. It is foundation. She needs light.

Omega we are with you always.

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