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Channeling Abends Soul Group

Hello my dear we felt your energy shifting from listening to Kendra you are in the right frame of mind to listen to us now today. We have so much to tell you and need to catch you when you are in that space. We have Leah here and we are speaking through her. The universe is so big and grand it has so much to offer to those who open up their minds there are many guides here trying to communicate with those below but they are not giving themselves time to listen you must continue to encourage them to meditate and learn how to listen with their hearts your job is as their teacher and they will listen to you because they know that you speak the truth as the others said you are not speaking from ego, but from the messages we are giving you meditation is the way to learn and grow follow the breath and it will take you where you need to go your pupils need to understand this with all their body and mind you must keep insisting we are here giving your words validity and the energy they need to be heard all have the ability to here us if they only listen you are listening very well now and we appreciate that you asked for information about this side we will give that in time we are more interested in helping you get this message to the others who come to you this discipline is needed now more than the other information it will only confuse you but we do know that you will be able to use any information we give you in the future so will tell you what you want to know it is just so important that you understand what your purpose is now. We think you do, but need to make sure you know that you are supported in this work your time will come for more information on the light on this side Leah will help you to understand she is with you all the time now and guiding you with our blessing you will know when she has come to you by these same feelings you are having just now you must play more of this kind of radio or music to keep your channel open for us the other stuff is not worth your time there is nothing you can do to change what will happen in your government. There will be much upheaval and you must focus on listening to us so that you can help those who get very confused by what is going on with themselves

ABENDA you are my child as well listen to me and you will get clarity I speak through the group REGINA I speak clearly so don’t have to go through leah did you just think I was only talking to Tara? I speak to many thank you for not pushing me aside with your monkey mind Light and love

we go now but will come back to you very soon we love you

Leah I love you with all my heart and am here to help you

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