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Wow, I just spent a fantastic weekend in Sedona at a Richard Sutphen Psychic Seminar. I attended my first of these seminars about 15 years ago and jumped on the chance to see how my abilities had changed or improved and what changes Richard has made to these seminars. I also took his hypnotherapy training and have been practicing past life regressions and reprogramming for several years. Not only is the setting beautiful in Sedona, but the energy is outrageous with all the vortexes in the area. The seminar was held at a beautiful center a little ways up Schnebly Road with a beautiful view of the area. I have been reading Richard's books, watching his video seminars, using his regression cd's and listening to his tapes for many years and have probably learned more about myself and how to "be" in this world from him than from anyone else. His approach to life from a Zen perspective has taught me how to discern what's my "stuff" from everyone elses "stuff" and how to change how I react to any given situation. His past life regression tapes and cd's have helped me to understand why I react the way I do in some situations and how to let go of the past. His book "Radical Spirituality" was a welcome read as it is down-to-earth and helped me to figure out being spiritual without being too "out there" and scaring away family, friends, and potential clients. I have always known that my job in this life is to be spiritual and still live an everyday life so that I can teach others how to do the same and Richard's teachings helped me to do that. The Psychic Seminars are to help us find out where our abilities lie; telepathy, psychometry, automatic writing or remote viewing. He guided us through deep meditations and then through the discipline we are practicing. He also guided us through a past life regression to find out what might be blocking us from progressing. The end of the seminar was a healing circle that created so much energy that you couldn't possibly not be healed of something. Richard offered private hypnotherapy sessions so I signed up and that was also a wonderful insight into some "stuff" in my life that I needed to let go of. I really didn't know what I wanted to accomplish so went with an open heart and mind and came away with much more than I ever expected. I'm not going to go into detail just now about what came up for me except that I was continually encouraged to write this blog about my journey into metaphysical spirituality. So that's what I'm going to do. I hope reading my journey will help you find your own path to finding your connection to God. I don't know how neat and orderly this journey will go down on paper, (or page, whatever!) but I made the commitment to begin and to write at least 15 minutes a day so here we go!

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