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So, I made it through Friday and woke up Saturday feeling really good--still a little high, I think from all the excitement. We started off the morning with a class in psychometry, i.e., holding an object belonging to another and reading off that energy. The object needs to be something you've worn for a long time if possible. I partnered with a different person and although I did pretty well in this one in the first psychic seminar I took, this reading was a complete bust. All I could get was that she was out of balance between her solar plexus chakra and her third eye. Maybe that's all she needed to know or why I couldn't get a clear reading. She seemed to get lots of stuff, but I still haven't connected with anything she got. No real "hits" on this day. We broke for lunch and were supposed to go meditate in one of the many vortex areas around Sedona. Gwen and I decided to go together and we were planning to go to Boynton Canyon but the weather was really clouding up with thunder and lightning so we got nervous and decided to have lunch first. But before we could get to lunch we went into a couple of crystal stores and did a little shopping. After I had spent around 1 1/2 hours in those two stores I was literally looped on the energy. Gwen said I was talking more than she had heard in the whole time we'd been together. I had released some old fears during the session with Richard so was a little more open in the morning session, but now I was babbling like an idiot and bouncing around like I had springs on my feet. She said she thought she could see effervescent bubbles coming off my head. I eventually did come down during lunch--food is grounding. We decided not to try for Boynton Canyon as that is quite a hike and the weather was still moving in that direction and went for Bell Rock, the UFO energy vortex. By the time we got there though the weather was moving in and it was starting to thunder and lightning so we decided to wait until Sunday morning for the meditation and went shopping. What else could we do???

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